Backed by
local knowledge.

Proudly regionally based, with seven offices around Victoria, we are all about working with what you have – to make the most of it.

Don’t let our size fool you, we’re local.

Blackwood Advisory was formed from a partnership between great regional Victorian advice and accounting businesses*. Together, we realized that strength in numbers was the key to ensuring our communities have access to the best advice without having to travel to the big smoke.

Where we live is home to some of the greatest inventions Australia has ever produced, the greatest sporting heroes, the greatest examples of determination, guts and resilience during floods, drought, and bushfires. When times get tough, we all roll up our sleeves and chip in… and that goes for your finances too.

Blackwood Advisory

Our Values.

Our values say a lot about who we are, and it won’t take long for you to figure out we are authentic in our approach. We live here, meaning we share the same challenges as our clients. Together we can achieve a better future for our children, our community and our businesses.

One Team

We are one team with a united vision. We work together, encourage diversity and belonging, embrace change and share workload and information to create a flexible culture with positive morale.


We genuinely care about our people and clients and what’s important to them, their business and their community. We practice what we teach and do the right thing with honesty and respect, building trusting relationships.


We focus on growth for our clients and ourselves, believing there are no limits to our potential. We thrive on innovative thinking, curiosity and improvement. We aim to provide greater access to valuable advice for more people in our region.


We do whatever it takes and strive for excellence with enthusiasm. We create pleasant surprises and are motivated to meet challenges with dedication and resilience.

Blackwood Advisory - Financial Services

We’re growing...

Over the coming years, Blackwood Advisory is looking to expand to all corners of Victoria, so if you’re an advice firm looking to change regional living for the better, give us a call. Partnerships, mergers and acquisitions are our thing.

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